Successful subsidiary companies derive from the fusion of our businesses' DNAs

THE MEGALON GROUP AG was founded in may 2011 by Andreas Meyer and Joachim Woyke. Combining their experience from more than 40 years’ work on CEO- and management levels of internationally acting companies, the two managing partners can be considered the DNA of THE MEGALON GROUP AG.

Today, the two founders can look back on their highly specialized subsidiary companies’ successes with legitimate pride, as they all stand for profound achievements in the fields of dialogue marketing, business process outsourcing, software development and electronic transaction management.

Each of the four main subsidiaries of THE MEGALON GROUP AG has full contractual capabilities – an excellent qualification for Andreas Meyer and Joachim Woyke to keep investing in growing digital businesses and startups. Creating, founding and designing innovative business models and supporting them in the growth process can be seen as the two entrepreneurs’ passion.

Who we are

To us, every project is of highest significance. Our experienced team is set up of specialists with extensive competences and passion for the individual tasks of each venture. Based on the aggregation of interests, we build a strong unity with our clients – an alliance that is able to achieve a binding and sustainable outcome on the basis of fervidness and zest for action. This close cooperation helps the seed of an idea to grow up to an outstanding business result.

Our mission

We implement thrilling business ideas, invest in convincing concepts and engage in startups, mid-sized companies and enterprises. Be a part of this mission!

Our vision

We are continuously working on founding innovative subsidiaries. Our focus lies on future-proof growth prospects. Are you looking at the same objectives, only from a different point of view? Then we should talk.

Our soft-skills

Our company brings together passion, expert knowledge and creativity – all together with a profound appreciation of trading manners. This package makes us a unique stretagic partner.

Our success

We are looking back on forming and steadily enlarging each of our subsidiary companies. The seeds of our participations grow strong roots – support and upbringing are coming from experienced hands. Benefit from our know-how and profit from a strong development.


Joachim Woyke

Joachim Woyke has been working in leading positions in the fields of consulting and project management for 30 years. Representing the understatement of the classical Hanseatic businessman, his responsibilities with THE MEGALON GROUP AG are administration, legislation and finances

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Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer has been committed in the fields of consulting, marketing, CRM and distribution for more than 15 years. As managing director of THE MEGALON GROUP AG, he takes care of marketing, distribution and new business.

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